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This is funny, the topic of when to change LMS providers has been on our list for the last year or so and we never got around to writing about it. Then suddenly a client refers another customer to us. Their query was “Can you help us get our LMS to issue certificates to learners who have completed courses”. This seems like a good time for them to change LMS providers.

For any corporate or organisation that uses an LMS on the daily, surely one that offers certificates would be necessary? It’s like writing an exam and passing but having nothing to acknowledge that you passed. Then everyone can say they passed.

Although it’s not only certificates that may be on your requirements list for an LMS or your reasons to change learner management systems. This article will go through some of the essentials that every learner management system should include.


Reporting is an important part of online training as it helps track progress and evaluate effectiveness, especially if you are a large organisation with multiple learners and courses. By having access to reports, trainers can identify where learners are struggling and adjust their teaching approach if needed.

Additionally, reporting can help identify which elements are working well and which need improvement, allowing trainers to make adjustments to their courses and ensure the best possible learning experience.

Being able to pull various reports based on learner activity will enable trainers, SME’s and the learning and development department to clearly help your company to find errors and solve user queries.


Having a forum for online training can provide a wealth of benefits. Firstly, it allows for a much more interactive and engaging learning experience, as discussions can be held between students, instructors and other like-minded individuals.

This can help to foster a sense of community among learners, which can be incredibly beneficial for both motivation and problem-solving. Additionally, forums provide a great way to share resources and knowledge allowing for a much wider range of learning opportunities. Having a forum for online training can be an invaluable tool for both students and instructors alike.


Perhaps you have a course that requires learners to attend an in-person classroom session. Then you realize that many of your learners will be unable to attend. So, you think, and decide to set up a virtual classroom. Great, except your learner management system does not offer this feature and worse it does not allow integration with third-party providers.

This leads to more setup, keeping a separate attendance register, separate tracking and sending links to individual learners and hope they attend.

With integration functionality in your LMS, everything can be setup and managed smoothly from within the LMS. For example, Phoenix LMS integrates with Big Blue Button allowing virtual classrooms all which can be configured and added to the course topics or modules.


There is nothing worse that opening a website or app on your phone and it’s not mobile friendly. Its 2023. The majority the work force owns a phone that has internet capabilities and is able to open and run applications and websites.

One of the main points of e-learning is for learners to be able to access their training from anywhere at any time and not just be limited to a desktop computer or laptop at home or at the office.

Mobile friendly learner management systems can provide a better user experience, as they are designed to be easily navigated and formatted to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices.


A course can be built and hosted in various formats, the most common being SCORM and HTML5.

SCORM has various versions that each have their own limitations, issues, etc. Having an LMS that only allows one version of SCORM or no option for HTML5 content can limit the type of content and tracking capabilities that your organisation might just need.

And it doesn’t just stop at SCORM and HTML5, having an LMS that can host videos, documents, PowerPoint presentations and standalone quizzes also contributes to a great learner management system.


It is important to do you market research and take opportunity for free trials and demos that are available before making the final decision. Picking a system that meets your training needs today, may not meet the needs of your training tomorrow.

So, is your LMS missing any of these essentials or other features that you wish you had? If so then it’s time to change learner management system providers.

Be sure to check out the features and demo of Phoenix LMS on learntech.co.za.




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