Nobody likes being lost, it can be very stressful and time consuming. It can happen when driving, visiting a new location, playing a video game or especially when taking an online course.

A course can be designed in many ways but if the navigation is not clear from the beginning, learners are going to have a rough time. Yes, some may get it instantly without the assistance but that does not apply to everyone.


The key to having clear navigation is to design the course for the least knowledgeable users in mind. By this I mean it can be as simple as computer literacy, or the course language not being their home language.

This article will cover some beneficial reasons for having clear navigation in the user interface of an eLearning course.


A clear and well-organized navigation system makes it easier for users to work their way through the course, leading to a more enjoyable and efficient user and learning experience.


A well-designed navigation system can help users discover new content or features they might not have otherwise known existed. For example, if your course has a glossary but no indication of how to access the glossary how will learners know there is a glossary?


Clear navigation makes it easier for users with disabilities, such as those using assistive technologies, to understand and interact with your interface. Building courses that are fully accessible to all learners will be a huge advantage. Most authoring tools today do offer some form of accessibility features.



Consistent navigation helps establish a clear structure for your interface, which in turn makes it easier for users to understand how to use your course content.


A professional-looking and well-functioning navigation system can improve the credibility and perceived value of your online courses.


In conclusion, clear navigation is a crucial aspect of UI design for you eLearning course that can have a significant impact on the overall user experience and their training.




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