Bespoke Digital E-Learning Development


LearnTech will help you to build meaningful online learning experience – from Ideation to Delivery.

LearnTech has been offering custom E-Learning development services since 2009. Let us help you to create and convert your Induction, compliance, product, procedural or software training.

We understand that your training requirements are as unique as your business itself. That’s why we take extra care to understand your world, the challenges you face and the goals that you wish to achieve. Our solutions are flexible and innovative, allowing us to provide world class learning while taking your needs and means into consideration.



Whether you need to convert existing training material into a digital format or new E-Learning material developed from the ground up, we can help you to create meaningful, fast and effective learning experiences.



We provide a wide range of content development services depending on your specific needs. Some clients already have existing content, and need assistance in converting this material to E-Learning. While other clients have no content at all, other than what is floating inside a subject matter expert’s brain. Our team will help you to extract, compile and align this material for use in a traditional, blended or E-Learning setting. 

  • Training Manuals & Guides
  • Presentations for ILT or Virtual Delivery
  • Storyboards for E-Learning conversion
  • Assistance with Aligning existing material to Unit Standards



LearnTech has been offering E-Learning development and conversion services for well over a decade. We have assisted many top companies in converting a huge variety of courses into impactful online learning experiences, including but not limited to:

  • Company Induction or Onboarding
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Compliance Courses (FAIS, FICA, POPI)
  • Product Training
  • Post Graduate



We can assist you from concept and scriptwriting through to post-production. All editing is done in-house to produce broadcast quality learning video productions to any format required. As well as traditional video production services we are also able to offer add-on services such as scriptwriting, and voiceover. Video can be a fantastic addition to your online learning and we are able to produce a large variety of styles

  • Talking Head or interview
  • Day in the Life or Culture
  • Live Action Explainer
  • Interactive video



People are drawn to video now more than ever in today’s world of Video on Demand and streaming services. We create effective bespoke animated videos which can be used to explain and illustrate, to connect and build understanding, or to immerse and engage. Animated video allows you to convey learning concepts quickly or create interactive, decision-based activities far more cost effectively than live action.

  • Kinetic Typography or Whiteboard
  • Software Simulation
  • Animated Explainer
  • Character interaction (cost effective)



You are welcome to use one of our three in house voiceover artists or select from a variety of premium freelancers should you wish to add diversity or additional languages. For the extremely budget conscious, we can assist you in recording your own voiceover narration for use in your E-Learning projects.

  • Three in house voiceover artists
  • Fast Turnaround time
  • Cost effective addition
  • Variety of premium outsourced options



Experiential learning improves learning retention and reduces learning decay by bridging the gap between theory and practice. Serious Games are a fantastic way to provide your learners with an opportunity to use their knowledge in a fictional but real-world scenario. Safe in the knowledge that any mistake made will not come with any real-world ramifications. This gives learners the confidence to make, and thus learn from mistakes in an incredibly fun and engaging manner.

Gamification on the other hand uses core motivations and gaming mechanics to change and drive specific behaviors.  Both can be a powerful addition to your learning arsenal.

  • Discovery Games
  • Decision Making Games
  • Simulations
  • Gamification (motivating behavior through engagement and reward)


While we take a unique approach to each and every unique project, a typical scoped E-Learning development project would flow as follows:


LearnTech will hold an initial kick off and scoping session with all key stakeholders. The purpose of this meeting will be to define the course objectives and to uncover any specific behavioral changes. During this session, we will learn about your corporate culture and the target audience as well as overall design choices, such as general tone, learning styles and branding.


Our learning and development team will hold interview sessions with your SME in order to extract and compile relevant information which we use to create “Rough Content”. This is aligned and reworked to meet your objectives to form the “Base Content”


The E-Learning Development team will begin designing a user interface for your course. This includes the general look and feel, button, font and icon sets, video styles, narrator choice as well as color schemes and templates. With the storyboard in hand, the team will then move on to media creation. Finally. the course is converted, with all pages being built, activities programmed and media embedded. The assessment is designed and the rules are hardcoded.


The course is tested by both the lead developer as well as a second developer who provides a fresh set of eyes. Any obvious errors are noted and repaired before the course is made available to the client for review. The client will complete a final review with all stakeholders and will provide us with a consolidated list of edit requests (if any). These edits are implemented and the QA review process is repeated one final time before final sign off.

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