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Chameleon Creator is an easy-to-use web-based software that allows anyone to create beautiful learning that is responsive, customizable and fully accessible to all audiences. It has a simple interface for adding topics, assessments and interactions for various content types.


Chameleon Creator also has a hosting and reporting platform where courses can be directly uploaded once they have been finalized. Learners can then access the courses from here.

Features include:

  • Customized UI
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Branching
  • Assessment building
  • Image library
  • Minimal file size
  • True HTML5 content



They offer four plans each offering more features and functionality:

Screenshot of product pricing


Yes, a free trial period of 7 days plus 30 days of guest access.


  • Looks like a mix between Articulate Rise and Adapt Authoring tools (so if you have used either of those then this shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp)
  • Easy learning curve
  • Has a good level of flexibility and customization in layout and design
  • Can restrict learner navigation
  • Small library of free courses
  • SCORM format export


  • Have to type “delete” whenever you need to delete an interaction/block
  • Limited in the types of blocks/interactions
  • Only allowed one interaction/block on each page
  • No navigation if you remove the continue button
  • Only supports .mp3 audio files
  • No gamification


The ease of use and flexibility of Chameleon Creator is great. However, I do think that the tool is overpriced for what you get – especially the Freelancer package ($1500 per year). For comparison, Articulate 360’s Personal Plan is $1099 per year which includes much more. Chameleon Creator may be better suited to a larger company that needs to create a lot of content in a short amount of time.

Editing options are easily accessible as everything is on the side and can be accessed by using the slider. When compared to Rise 360, I personally feel that editing on Chameleon is a lot more user friendly.

If you want a more unique customizable program, Articulate Storyline might be the better option as the interactions in Chameleon are not editable (action wise) but you can edit the colours and layout etc. to an extent.

For beginners to e-learning the program is simple to navigate and use. The “coding” part is already done, so users will just need to select the desired interaction and input their content. These interactions are sorted by function, which is helpful if you need to find something quickly.

Would I recommend this tool, probably not. Mainly from a price point I don’t see it as a feasible solution. There are other authoring tools and learner management systems out there that are both affordable and fully functional.

For this we give Chameleon Creator a ⭐⭐⭐


If you think this tool is for you check out their website https://www.chameleoncreator.com/




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