Rapid Development versus Custom E-Learning Development

If you have done any research on E-Learning development, you will most certainly have come across the term ‘Rapid E-Learning development’, but What exactly is the difference between Rapid and custom, and which is best for you?

Let’s explore.


Rapid E-Learning development is often the most accessible type of E-learning. It fits most businesses needs and is easy on the pocket, while still being able to deliver results for both employers and employees.

This type of development allows content to be converted from text heavy to engaging within a small timeframe (usually less than three weeks).

When developing a rapid e-learning course, it is best when the main points of the base content is extracted from the subject matter expert to help speed up the development. Also, because rapid e-learning sometimes makes use of a pre-made templates, space can often be limited.

Tools such as Articulate Storyline 360, Articulate Rise and Adapt Authoring, to name a few, provide the capability to deliver rapid e-learning. These tools make it quick and easy to develop engaging and interactive courses, that can even include video, that will keep the learners engaged and on the right path to reach their goals.

If you need that something extra or it is critical for the course design to be in line with your Corporate Identity, then a pre-made template is definitely the way to go, as they often provide many more customization options.

Another benefit of rapid e-learning, is lower cost. Since most of the work in terms of design and functionality is already taken care of, you are able to develop courses for that are well within budget. There may even be change for coffee.


Custom development is where all freedom breaks loose. This can be both fun and challenging. But who doesn’t like a challenge? Custom E-learning is not always an option for everyone but the course can be tailored exactly to your needs.

For example, perhaps your course includes scenarios with multiple outcomes or you would like to give employees the option to build a custom character for instructional sections or for the previously mentioned scenario example.

Choosing to go the custom route, you are enabling course development to be created from a blank slate using tools such as Articulate Storyline 360. With a blank slate the course can be developed to match your corporate identity or any style or format of your choosing. Offering a wider range of possibilities.

These possibilities include a wide range of basic and advanced features, such as precise look, feel and flow, course interactions, games and static and interactive video that aims to keep learners engaged and willing to complete the course.

And sadly, there are some downsides to custom e-learning development. The two main ones being time and cost.

These courses usually take anywhere from three weeks to a few of months, depending on the length of the course and complexity of the custom development features. As for the cost, it is much greater than rapid development and can sometimes involve multiple external service providers.

But the finished product will definitely be worth the time and money.



When it comes to developing an e-learning course, everybody wants a good solid solution that meets their needs and budget while still being engaging enough for learners and delivering results to both employers and employees.

If your budget or timeframe is tight or you are looking to develop quick and to the point, yet still effective e-learning courses then Rapid Development E-Learning will best suit your needs.

If you have a more specific requirement set and your timeframe longer or where corporate identity is important, then Custom Development E-Learning will be a good solution.

Don’t feel like doing all the work yourself? We get it.

No matter your budget, timeframe or learning requirements, let LearnTech be your E-learning development solution provider. Feel free to contact one of our LearnTech consultants to discuss what is best for your company.

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