Off-the-shelf, or ready-made E-Learning courses are a great way to provide training to your employees quickly and cost-effectively.

These are courses that have been pre-designed, are typically SCORM compliant and are ready to be installed on your Learner Management System right away.  

In this article, we’ll discuss four reasons to consider using Off-The-Shelf E-Learning courses within your LMS platform as well as some disadvantages.


One very common costing model for off-the-shelf E-Learning courses is based on a per person per course scenario. This is similar to traditional training, in that you pay for the number of ‘bums in seats’, however, the cost benefits of opting for E-Learning as opposed to classroom training includes:

  • The cost per ‘bum in seat’ is generally much cheaper, since there are no lunches, no venues, no printing, and no manpower required.
  • Learners are able to complete learning at their own pace and will not necessarily need to take time off work.
  • Interactions and Results are tracked and stored automatically by your LMS.


This does give you a good degree of control over your budget, but can still be a pain, since you will need to keep an eye on licenses and procurement procedures. 

We understood this problem, which is why we decided to bundle our entire library of courses with Phoenix LMS. Meaning your employees are free to access Soft Skills without limit for the entire duration of the contract.  

…And yes, since our courses are SCORM compliant, we are able to offer a multitude of options to companies currently using any SCORM compliant LMS on the market today.

Off the Self E-Learning Courses are Ready to Go

Off the Shelf E-Learning courses are plug and play, so you can install them on your LMS right off the bat. This is especially useful if you launching a new LMS system. Since giving your learners immediate access to courses will certainly afford you some precious development time – while you convert your internal training material.

A very common need with off-the-shelf courses is the ability to customize lessons or modules, which makes sense considering that training needs to serve the business. Problem is, this is typically not an option, since providers package courses as ready-to-go products.

One of the benefits of dealing with a company that develops their own off the shelf E-Learning as opposed to a reseller, is that we are willing to accommodate these requests, for a nominal once-off fee of course.  


Soft Skills, or Behavioural Skills as they are sometimes referred to, are vital in today’s workplace. Time Management, Critical Thinking and Emotional Intelligence are all examples of skills that influence how staff perform, work and interact with each other.

Studies by the European Journal of Training and Development for example have linked soft skill competencies to higher performance as well increased competitiveness in the workforce.   

Having the ability to immediately assign training when needed is therefore crucial in today’s fast changing market.  

Our Library includes an ever growing number of Soft Skills titles, as well as Personal Development and Microsoft Office training.


When it comes to off-the-shelf courses, you really are spoiled for choice. There are thousands of content providers across the globe, all with ready-made courses on any topic you can think of. Here are a few local providers that you may want to look into.

Health and Safety Training – KBC Health and Safety a call.

Cyber Security Training – Email Popcorn Training for that.

Social Media Awareness – Contact Farosian.

And of course, if it’s Soft Skills you are after, then you have to give LearnTech a visit while you’re at it.  


Making the decision to move forward with off the shelf E-Learning courses can certainly save money, time, and resources, allowing you to focus on other important learning and development needs – or simply have a cup of tea 😉.


Give your employees unlimited access to over 40 Off the Shelf E-Learning titles right now!